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Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what a great time I had last week hang gliding with you. I've been coming to Hawaii for 16 years and have done practically every activity on every island, but the hour I spent flying with you was the best. I'll be back. I will also be sending all my friends who visit Hawaii to you. I mentioned your service to the Weston Kaanapoli Resort who may also contact you for more information. Keep up the good job and hope to see you soon.
Ron Reiter
Chicago, Il.

I am so glad my husband Charles and I each took a half-hour air-trike intro-flight with you in Hana last month during our first trip to Maui (and certainly not our last). We will go on longer flights next time! We amazed our friends and colleagues with tales (and photos!) of our "daredevil" activity -- even though we insisted that it's not scary at all and quite safe. We are looking into ways we can get "high" here in the Dallas area, although the scenery won't be spectacular like it is in Maui. Besides the incredible experience, I feel like I made a new friend. Armin is a great pilot/instructot as well as a fun guy!

Here is a story that illustrates how much we liked hang gliding with Armin. When we were getting ready to leave Hana Airport, I saw a woman in a car next to ours and the man coming back from the restroom. I told the couple about what we had just done, that we were Armin's last flights, that he was still at the hangar, and encouraged them to try powered hang gliding.  Between them they were $20 short for a half-hour ride, so I handed them a $20 bill and my business card, and the husband took a flight. I got a nice card a few weeks later with a $20 check with the note: "Thank you - the flight was an incredible experience."
Lisa Escaloni
Richardson, Texas

Hey Armin!
Our trip to Maui was the best ever! I think the best part was flying with you! I have decided that I will be a pilot went I grow up. I called a flight school but they said I would have to be 14 to go. I got a book that they said for me to read. Where did you get your trike? I might get one for when I can fly alone.
Send me one back,

Hang gliding with Armin made the "Road to Hana" a destination with a purpose. It was an added bonus, as opposed to just experiencing the drive to Hana, beautiful as it is, and then turning around and going back the same way, as so many do.  But after hang gliding and feeling more adventurous still, we drove the entire loop around Haleakala which was something I really wanted to do but everyone I talked to, before leaving West Maui, said it was closed. So, I'm glad I asked Armin! The road on the backside of Haleakala was not only open but simple enough to navigate during the daylight hours in a 4WD jeep...which made our entire day quite an adventure!  

For those who have never been up in an ultra-light before, then the hang gliding dvd & pics are worth it.
Glad I got 'em. Not to mention at a slight discount when getting both! Hang Loose!

Rich from Missouri  ("Gary/Rick")

Where do I even begin - thank you so much Armin! My husband and I felt so comfortable and at ease during our lesson, and primarily due to your thorough instruction and professionalism. We both learned so much, on the ground and in the air with you, all the while observing views along the Hana coastline and at the summit of Mount Haleakala! It was THE experience of our trip, and we are so grateful that we had you as an instructor! We will be back again another year for our second lesson!

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Best Regards,
Melissa K, Houston, Texas

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